Andrew Bracey

Eight contemporary artists in whom you should invest today

Imagine that in 2004 you found a painting of Banksy for the modest sum of 70 € at a flea market. The value of his works having increased considerably since then, you would be likely to resell it today for more than 140 000 €. Conclusion: If you buy the right contemporary art at the right time, you will make very interesting investments. In any case, this is the opinion of the Art Experts who have drawn up for you this list of 8 contemporary artists to watch closely because their ratings are constantly increasing.

1. Alex Da Corte

Alex Da Corte is an American multimedia artist known for his unique photographs, videos, sculptures and ephemeral installations. His works are full of references to the popular culture of pop music, cinema and art. Off-beat and colourful, his art is perfectly in line with current aesthetics and particularly touches young audiences.

2. Michael Dotson

Michael Dotson’s contemporary art reinterprets Disney characters, video games and living spaces. His line is so smooth that you might think his coloured acrylic paints are airbrushed. The price of his works currently ranges from €2,000 to €6,000, but it is likely that they will quickly increase in value in view of the artist’s growing popularity.

3. Chad Kouri

Chad Kouri creates intriguing collages. His contemporary creations, rich in primary colours, refer to Malevitch’s works and his style is reminiscent of Miró’s candid forms. You can now buy his collages for sums ranging from 250 € to 400 €, and given Chad Kouri’s new notoriety in the art world, these prices are likely to explode soon.

4. Matt Lambert

Matt Lambert’s works, criticisms of the consumer appetite of our modern world, represent tormented landscapes, idols in the form of figurines and portraits partly inspired by superheroes and African cultures. Lambert is often mentioned on the list of a few British artists to follow.

5. Katherine Bernhardt

Katherine Bernhardt paints on a large scale with motifs inspired by everyday objects, such as fruits, cigarettes or shoes, associated with elements of fauna and flora. The subjects represented, in bright colours, are isolated from their context to convey powerful images. Its unique style attracts collectors of contemporary art and guarantees its long-term success.

6. Trudy Benson

Trudy Benson’s abstract compositions are inspired by old computer programs and monitors. Remember her name well, because she is one of the most popular painters of the abstract movement of the moment.

7. Nathan James

Nathan James’ art highlights the strange and intriguing rather than the beautiful. His works, rich in references to art and sexuality, combine surrealist elements in a style inspired by comic strips. His works still sell for between 200 and 1,500 €.

8. Cui Jie

Cui Jie lives in Beijing and, according to The Wall Street Journal, is one of the youngest rising stars in Chinese art. Inspired by modern architecture, his subjects combine buildings and abstract art. Chinese artists are currently very attractive and represent excellent investments.