How can you start painting when you don’t know anything about it?

Starting out in painting, or any other artistic activity, it’s always full of questions that jostle in our heads. As I researched this article, I realized that the subject had already been covered many times… but not in a way that satisfied me! I then wanted to have a different approach, and above all one that would also allow you to progress in your personal journey. Because let’s not hide it, art is about expressing your “I” visually, and ideally without a filter. It is therefore not simply an artistic activity, it is a personal and intimate path to our inner Being. Boom, I may have already lost a few of them on the way. Oh yes, by the way, to simplify the text, I’ve been using the feminine in my articles for some time now. But of course, this has no discriminatory value and you should know, gentlemen, that you are also considered in my remarks. I also recently wrote an e-book entitled “Dare to become the Artist in You! “: you can get it for free by subscribing to my website. But let’s get back to our business. Starting painting: what you think you should

Eight contemporary artists in whom you should invest today

Imagine that in 2004 you found a painting of Banksy for the modest sum of 70 € at a flea market. The value of his works having increased considerably since then, you would be likely to resell it today for more than 140 000 €. Conclusion: If you buy the right contemporary art at the right time, you will make very interesting investments. In any case, this is the opinion of the Art Experts who have drawn up for you this list of 8 contemporary artists to watch closely because their ratings are constantly increasing. 1. Alex Da Corte Alex Da Corte is an American multimedia artist known for his unique photographs, videos, sculptures and ephemeral installations. His works are full of references to the popular culture of pop music, cinema and art. Off-beat and colourful, his art is perfectly in line with current aesthetics and particularly touches young audiences. 2. Michael Dotson Michael Dotson’s contemporary art reinterprets Disney characters, video games and living spaces. His line is so smooth that you might think his coloured acrylic paints are airbrushed. The price of his works currently ranges from €2,000 to €6,000, but it is likely that they